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Sexual Awakening by Melina DrugaTeenager Cassandra Economos loves five things: Her awesome friends. Her big fat, dysfunctional, Greek family. Rock music. Her plan to move to Chicago. And Kurt Cobain.  Soon, she’ll gain another love.  Sex.  Stifled by her family’s rules, how will Cassie explore her sexuality?

Everything I know about sex I learned from health class diagrams and from reading erotica books I secretly borrowed.

Boys never paid attention to me in middle school.  Then it happens.  Keith Cook starts a conversation with me.  We play Seven Minutes In Heaven, and somehow he’s my boyfriend.  My sister tells me he isn’t a great one because he never calls, and he keeps pressuring me do things I’m not ready to do.  After Kurt dies, I realize life is short and nothing’s stopping me from having sex with Keith.  Except for one thing – he betrays my trust.

That same week, Todd Miller comforts me when I ditch class to mourn Kurt.  Todd’s definitely an upgrade from Keith.  He listens and can hold an intelligent conversation.  He cares about my opinion.  And he has a body all the girls drool over.

Our first kiss is mutual.   The first time he touches me is mutual.  When he pops my cherry, that’s mutual, too, even if I am jail bait.  We said we’d wait until I turn 17, but we just couldn’t.  We want to be together so badly it hurts. I never feel pressured with Todd.  That’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it, when a guy cares about you? 


Mr. Right is a Myth by Melina DrugaCo-ed Cassandra Economos has a plan.  Earn her degree then move into a Chicago penthouse.  If she can meet a guy who accepts her, high sex drive and all, that’s an added bonus.  But how many frogs must she kiss before she meets a prince?

Weeks before high school graduation, Jason Brookes broke my heart.   I didn’t love him.  Still don’t.  What broke my heart is the accusation that I have no ambition.  He said all I think about is sex.  If that’s true, then how did I become class salutatorian and earn a full ride scholarship to the University of Illinois? 

I’m prepared to start dating again.  A guy must exist who will accept me for me, right, even if I am always horny? 

I once had that guy, but I let him slip through my fingers.  Maybe things would have turned out differently had I realized the quality of guy I had when we were dating.  Todd Miller, my first real boyfriend, not only accepted me, he treated me with kindness and understanding, and he loved me. 

I think about Todd constantly. No one lives up to his standard.  Believe me, I’m trying to find someone who does, but increasingly I’m convinced Mr. Right is a myth created to trick dewy-eyed romantic girls.  Is there a guy made for me?  Is there the “one”?

Christmas Surprise by Melina DrugaTwo couples.  One bound for forever.  One living in the moment.  A Christmas they won’t forget.

Cassandra:  My boyfriend Corey often quotes love poetry, but he’s never directly told me he loves me. But a man doesn’t give a woman love poems unless he loves her, right?  I just wish I knew for sure.  This weighs on my mind, putting a bit of a damper on the holidays.  Plus, I have a decision to make regarding our sexual relationship.

Corey:  I love Cassandra so much my heart aches, but I can’t force myself to tell her how I feel.  We’ve always lived in the moment, knew from the beginning that our relationship will end after she graduates and moves.  That’s a short five months away.  How can I tell her how I feel without spoiling our understanding?

Phil:  I have loved Jennifer since we were in high school.  Making my move was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Now, I’m ready to make another move and ask her to be my wife.  Too bad my overbearing family won’t keep their opinions to themselves.

Jennifer: Phil’s a keeper.  He treats me better than any of my past boyfriends.  It feels as if we were always meant to be.  I want to spend the rest of my life with him.  There’s just one complication.  His traditional family’s expectations could keep me from my dream wedding.

This book features characters from The Rock Star’s Wife series.    Christmas Surprise takes place during Cassandra’s senior year in Mr. Right is a Myth.

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