What is The Rock Star's Wife Series?

The Rock Star’s Wife series is a contemporary fiction series about sex, family, and rock & roll.  It has elements of chick lit, romance and erotica and is best compared to The Vagina Monologues for its frank talk of sex and its consequences.  The series follows Cassandra from her teen years into her 40s as she navigates relationships (both romantic and platonic) — all with music playing a prominent role.  The series is comprised of eight books and four holiday books.  Each book has its own theme and is standalone.

Coming February 2024

Rock Star Romance by Melina Druga

A college grad still reeling from an amicable breakup falls for a rock star who’s given up on love in this contemporary, second-chance romance.

A year after she and her now-ex-boyfriend were forced into a devastating decision when life took them — literally — in different directions, Cassandra Economos is done with men. Or so she thinks. Just as Cassie’s getting bored and starting to think she needs to get back out there, she meets Nat, and everything changes.

Dramatic Sneezer frontman Nathaniel Hardwick hasn’t dated anyone for months, ever since he caught his girlfriend cheating. Weeks away from the launch of the band’s next tour, however, he finds himself falling for his sister’s friend.

Nat isn’t Cassie’s type, but something about him — something more than mere rock star charisma — draws her in. Soon, she’s breaking all her long-standing relationship rules for him.

With tour dates looming on the horizon, Cassie’s already seeing parallels to her last breakup. But what happens if this is more than just a summer fling?