About the Series

What is the Rock Star’s Wife series? It’s a contemporary fiction series, told by Cassandra, about sex, family, and rock & roll.

The series begins in 1993. 

Teenager Cassandra Economos loves five things: her awesome friends, her big fat dysfunctional Greek family, rock music, her plan to move to Chicago, and Kurt Cobain.  Soon, she’ll gain another love.  Sex.  How will Cassandra explore her sexuality while being stifled by her family’s rules?

Warning:  This series is for mature audiences only.  It contains course language, sexual situations and adult themes.

This series isn’t for you if you’re offended by sexually active youth, premarital sex, marital sex, hot sex, disappointing sex, funny sex, pregnancy, pregnancy sex, quickies, sex in weird locations, sex in “normal” locations, masturbation, the consequences of sex, the F-word, any other curse word, musicians, rock music, Illinoisans, or baklava.