Meet Cassandra Economos

Cassandra Economos is the main character in The Rock Star’s Wife series. She describes her life in intimate detail in a series of diaries.

Born in March 1979 in Sterling, IL, she’s part of a strict, bilingual Greek family who, at times, can be overbearing, if not dysfunctional.  She is the youngest child of Daria and Demetrios Economos and the sister of Chris, Greg and Vanessa.

High School Years

Cassie loves music more than most people, and her favorite band is Nirvana.  She has a crush on Kurt Cobain and wears grunge and band t-shirts almost daily.

Her greatest dream is to move to Chicago, much to her family’s chagrin as they want her to get a degree and work at Costas’ Place, the family restaurant.

Everything Cassie knows about sex she learned from health class and erotica books.  The books give her unrealistic expectations about sex and relationships, but they also create a new hobby for her — writing dirty little stories.

Her parents don’t allow her to date, but Cassie defies this rule and sneaks out. Her high school boyfriends are Keith, Todd (her favorite), Travis and Jason.

Cassie often hangs out with her friends Shawna, Jen, Jenny, Jennifer and Tiffany.

After graduation, she and Jen pierce their bellybuttons. 

College Years

After becoming Sterling High School salutatorian,  Cassie attends the University of Illinois on a full-ride scholarship, rooming with Kelly.  The goal is to work in HR and move to Chicago after obtaining her degree.

While in college, Cassie works a series of retail jobs before landing a position in an office.

She begins the search for Mr. Right, dating Jesse, Lars, Troy, and Corey.  She and Corey fall in love, but their opposing future goals and plans eventually tears them apart.

Her college friends are Kelly, Dawn, Leah, Sarah and April.

Cassie gradutes with a bachelor’s degree and accepts the position of assistant manager of human resources at Jordan Dairy Farms in Vienna-on-the-Lake.

Cassandra Economos as a 23 year old, 2002
Cassandra Economos as a 23 year old, 2002
Cassandra Economos in her high school photo
Cassandra Economos in her high school photo, 1996
Cassandra Economos as a 14 year old, 1993
Cassie is self conscious of her ass, which she describes as high and round.
Cassie is self conscious of her butt, which she describes as high and round. However, she attracts ass men.