Christmas Surprise Teasers

"Maybe when you find the one, you'll totally understand how I feel."
"Never, you hear me. I'm not bending to any pressure. Unless it's the power of your seduction."
The key to my heart? My ridiculous heart that aches for a woman who will leave and I know it.
Maybe I want to know how he really feels about me, ya know?
You think about that girl way too much.
He's been moping like this ever since she went home for winter break.
I could bring home Jesus Christ himself and you wouldn't be satisfied.
I want to share every aspect of life with you.
I don't think you've thought this through.
I miss you so much chest hurts and I wish I was with you.
My treasure, I want to hold in my arms and kiss you.
My heart is locked away in a cage and only I hold the key.
It's a surprise. Call me when you see it.
I see exactly what she sees in him.
He wouldn't drive two hours to get laid.
I didn't come here to seize the day. I have something to tell you.
Corey is my boyfriend. We care deeply for each other.
No, Dad, I love him for the man he is on the inside.
She tickles her forefinger under my chin the way I've seen some people pet a cat.
You know, for a guy whose attitude is living in the moment, I've been thinking a lot about the future lately.
Have you had a good day? Are you ready to bang in the new year?
I love her so much my chest aches and tears come without her.