Costas’ Place

The Economos family owns Costas’ Place in Sterling, ILFounded in 1947, the restaurant began as a food stand.  Nearly the entire Economos family is supported directly or indirectly by the business.

Costas' Place Staff

Owners: Kalliope Economos

Chris Economos

Office Staff (full time): Chris Economos

Phil Economos

Office Staff (part time):  Penny Economos

Narcissa Economos

Hostesses: Minerva Angelopoulos

Petra Adamos

Bartenders: Alexander Economos

Kostas Economos

Tom Economos

Wait Staff:  Persephone Economos

Maroula Economos

Cassandra Economos

Anastasia Matsoukis

Chefs: Khristos  Economos

Evangelos  Economos

Nectarias  Economos

Anatasios Matsoukis

Bakers:  Hadrina Economos

Melissa Economos

Eleni Matsoukis


The kitchen at Costas' Place
The kitchen at Costas' Place
The interior of Costas' Place
The interior of Costas' Place

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