Mr. Right is a Myth Teasers

"Do you think there's someone who will accept my high sex drive?" I say once we finish ogling the eye candy.
"I have a feeling we're from radically different backgrounds, but I find that exciting. What do you think?"
What? Why is he asking me this now, when my juices are leaking? Leaking! What religion am I? The church of the chronically horny.
"We're going to do whatever we're going to do when we get older. Freedom of choice, right?"
"Will you go out with me again?" Lars says quickly, transfixed. "I'd like to see what you can do with your tongue."
"And why would I want to get married and have kids after witnessing this shitshow you call a marriage."
"I have a boyfriend," I say, looking up, "so if you're hanging around to get a date or something you're outta luck."
"We went to party together and got drunk, that loosened us up enough to admit how we feel."
For some reason, even though I've had plenty of fantasies in the past, I feel as if I cheated on my boyfriend.
"I'm crying because the relationship is over, and I'm upset about it. I'm crying because it's ending over something stupid."
I take her hand. "I'm glad you figured that out. So are you telling me you love him?"
"If you don't want me to take you home. How about I take you upstairs?"
He's probably six years older than me. Why would he be checking me out?
It wants me. It wants to pleasure me. I so want to say yes, but I won't. I can't.
"I figure if Y2K reverts us back to the stone age, I may never see you again. Need to take advantage while there's time. So what do you say? Would need to be a quickie?"
"I'm sorry it can't work out. But if one guy loved you, that should give you hope another will."
"Boss takes advantage of attractive co-ed would make an excellent expose."
When we reach the porch, Corey lingers as if not sure what to do next.
I no longer dwell on what could have been, what I had lost, what I want to rekindle.
"I want to please you."
"You don't want to feel me without a condom?" I say, fighting back tears. "I want to feel you."
He does care about me. I know he does. But how much?
I hope he appreciates what I did for our relationship today.
There's security in my relationship with Corey that I can't explain.
"I love you," I say, lip trembling.
He wants me to get this job. We want me to follow my dreams. We want each other. We can't have both.
"I'm not looking forward to you leaving," he says quietly.
"I'll think of you every moment of every day."