Sexual Awakening Teasers

I wrinkle my nose. “Why would I want a guy to put his body part inside me. Especially down there. That’s disgusting. Remember those body part charts in health class? The drawings were bad enough. I don’t want to see that thing in person.”
She returns to her side of the room, and her lamp switches off. There are better things to do with my time than talk to a dude for two hours. Two hours! I tuck myself in and gaze up for second at my Nirvana poster. Kurt would be interesting enough to talk to for two hours, but nobody else.
I prop my foot on the counter and examine between my legs. It’s an ugly body part, isn’t it? Shawna and I made fun of the penis, but lady parts aren’t exactly pretty. I touch mine and feel the piece of flesh they talked about in health class, the mark of the virgin. That’s suppose to tear? Shit, that would hurt, like, hella lot.
Keith lets go of my hand and runs his palm up my arm, tickling it, before touching my shoulder blade. Let’s get this over with before I pass out. His lips touch mine. It feels, it feels, well, I can’t explain it. Fleshy? Do something, you idiot. I pucker my lips to return the kiss. Oh my God, he’s going to know that I have no idea what I’m doing. He’s going to tell the entire school. It’s going to be hell.
I cross my arms. “No, I’m pretty sure guys do prefer girls who do play with batons, if you catch my drift.”
I sit back and cross my arms. I would sell my soul to see Nirvana. Doesn’t Mom get that?
“Aww, come on,” he says, running his hand up my chest. “You’ve been my girlfriend now for two months. Don’t you think it’s time you gave it up?”
I’ve been pleasuring myself. Yeah, like I’m going to confess that.
“No guy should try to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do. It shouldn’t matter if you’re nearly 15 or nearly 115. No guy has that right.”
“You wouldn’t give it up, and I got tired of waiting. Karen hates your friend Jenny, and you by association, so she was really easy. It’s your fault, really, for being so cold.”
I am so jealous of my sister right now. She’s free to do what she wants with whoever she wants and whenever she wants.
The adults ignore us, which is fine by me. I don’t need another lecture on life choices.
“Christopher just carried on the bloodline, and Vanessa says she wants to, so I think that leaves Greg and me off the hook.”
Wouldn’t that shock Maroula to know her brother thinks with his penis like every other male alive.
Obviously, he’s attracted to me. Look how hard I made him.
I thought when I lost my virginity, I’d feel different, more mature, more adult, but I feel exactly the same as I did in the mall parking lot
“Huh, well,” I shrug. “You’ll never know, will you? Either way, I’m not stupid enough to do it without a condom. Maybe you need a condom rule. It’d prevent you soooooooo much embarrassment.”
Honestly, it’s not him I’m worried about facing temptation. It’s me, and I know it’s not supposed to be that way if you’re meant to be together.
Ryan doesn’t seem the type. He’s not a lady killer or a horndog. He’s a total nerd who wears glasses and is on the chess team and the debate team.
Oh so handsome, yet oh so stupid.
Then I’m going to be lectured about what I shouldn’t do with my life. As if I’ll ever be a stupid as Vanessa.
“I don’t believe in censorship. And I refuse to believe words can be bad. If they can be, then I have issue with lots of them. I hate the names of private parts for one.”
“That’s what I like about you,” he says, slightly touching my wrist with his fingertip. “You’re different from other brainy girls. You have a bunch of different interests.”
“I hope someday you have a daughter just like you who makes you age prematurely.”
Hum, I bet Vanessa won him over with a touch of the arm or something else innocent, and he took it as flirting. Men are dumb.
Greg hates the f-word – HATES IT – so I try to use it as much as possible when he’s around.
Why do I have the sex drive of a man?
If a hot chick is willing to have sex with us, we’re not gonna say ‘no.’ And you are one hot chick.”
Mom always warns me about the treachery of men and to be careful, but this is the first time I actually believe her.
“Now we’re blood sisters and we’re sealing our pact. You will follow me to Chicago once I get settled and we’ll start our post-Sterling lives together as sisters.”
“Mom, I’m going. It’s a good school. I’m going to work and get my degree. That’s the plan. And you need to get used to me being away, because I’m not coming back.”
“Try doing that with Greg in the car,” Tiffany says, flipping the bird to Greg wherever he might be at this moment, probably in his room thinking you go blind if you masturbate.
“You know, when I first asked you out, I thought it was cool that you’re into things other than studying, but I was wrong. Really, you talk the talk but you don’t walk the walk. You aren’t really that serious about academics. You’re just blessed without having to try that hard. You have no ambition.”
I never loved him, but I did like him a lot and enjoyed our time together, but now I wish we had never met.