The Condom Rule

The condom rule is one that Cassandra enforces with her boyfriends in The Rock Star’s Wife series, requiring them to wear a condom every time they have sex or don’t even try to make a move. It first appears in Sexual Awakening and originates with Todd who shows her how to use one properly. 

In addition to the condom rule, Cassandra makes potential lovers wait two months before having sex with her to ensure they are compatible and disease-free.

Spoilers ahead from Chapter 13:

a condom
“Um.  I agree that we can’t be found out and that would totally ruin everything.  People who have unplanned pregnancies are idiots.  So I’m glad you mentioned that.”  I wrinkle my brow.  “I can’t go on the pill.  My parents are strict.  That’d know what’s going on, and you’d go to jail for sure then.”

He folds his hands behind his head.  “Condoms.  When we’re at that point, I’ll buy some.  Remember, I told you deserve a guy who respects you?  Well, if a guy’ll fuck you without a condom, he doesn’t respect you.  He’s basically saying that he doesn’t care if you get pregnant or he gives you a disease, because it isn’t his problem.  My dad says that if a teenager is man enough to fuck a girl, then he’s man enough to handle the responsibilities that come with it”

I nod slowly.  “Yeah, yeah, makes sense.”