The Pull Tab Game

Cassandra and her friends play the pull tab game to predict the name of their future husbands. Cassandra has a special pull tab that she keeps because she can’t bring herself to throw it away.  Not because she’s superstitious, she swears.

The game first appears in Chapter 1 of Sexual Awakening:

pop can pull tab
While Mrs. Mueller and I talk, Shawna takes a Sprite can out of the fridge and opens it before moving her tab back and forth.  My friends and I have this game that’s supposed to predict your future husband’s name.  You play it by moving a can’s tab back and forth while saying the alphabet.  Whatever letter the tab breaks off on is the letter his name will start with.  I can’t remember who made up the game, but some of my friends take it really seriously.  It’s as if no one really figured out that the tab almost always breaks off on the same three or four letters. 

“F,” she says after it snaps.